Stop the Slaughter. End the donkey skin trade.

The Donkey Skin Trade

Approximately 4.8 million donkeys are slaughtered for their skins every year. The collagen taken from their skin is used in the production of ejiao, an ingredient used in traditional Chinese remedies.

China's domestic donkey population has been decimated. Because of this, the ejiao industry relies on a global trade network to source its donkey skin to continue meeting demand.

With such intense demand, skin traders look for a supply at any cost. From source to slaughter, the donkeys who get caught up in this trade suffer at every stage. The slaughter methods are often unregulated, inhumane and unsanitary, and large numbers of donkeys die on their way to slaughterhouses.
Communities who depend on their donkeys to help provide them with a livelihood wake up to find their donkeys stolen, slaughtered and skinned during the night.

Families are losing donkeys that mean so much to them. Lives and opportunities are destroyed. The transportation of untreated skins and improper disposal of donkey carcasses risks triggering the spread of infectious diseases and is damaging local ecosystems.

With evidence in hand, we can safely say that criminals are further exploiting the skin trade by smuggling and selling illegal products alongside donkey skins.

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